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Community Service Volunteering

If you are interested in completing Court Appointed Community Service hours with Open Hand, you must first complete a mandatory Community Service Orientation before volunteering. You will be required to bring your driver’s license or photo ID, vehicle insurance if you hope to deliver meals, and a copy of your citation or court paperwork stating your charge.

You will be required to authorize Open Hand to perform a Background Check. The Background Check costs $10.00*. If you wish to deliver meals, a Background Check and Motor Vehicle Report will be run; together costing around $23.00*.
Additionally, we are only able to accept certain charges (listed below). If you have questions or are not sure if we can accept your charge, please contact Volunteer Services at (404) 872-2707 or volunteerservices@openhandatlanta.org
• DUI’s
• Reckless driving
• Minor traffic violations
• Minor in possession of alcohol
• Marijuana less than an ounce

Please keep in mind, if you are completing hours for a new charge, Open Hand will need new copies of your license, insurance, and a copy of the new charge. If it has been more than a year, Open Hand will also require a new Background Check.

* Payments can be made in cash or online.
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Open Hand prepares and delivers over 5,000 meals per day to those living with or at risk for chronic disease and disabilities in 19 counties throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.