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Chatopia - Purebred cat care adoption center AAM currently has a unique purebred cat adoption center called "Chatopia" whose atmosphere is distinctly unlike that of a conventional shelter. Many people are unwilling to enter a shelter because it can be overwhelming. Shelters are generally noisy, big, depressing, and the animals are often so stressed that their true personalities are hard to distinguish. Although many traditional shelters have begun work to change their images, much is still to be done. We encourage potential adopters and volunteers to come and interact with our rescued cats. These animals are happy, rested, and interactive in the open atmosphere provided for them. We have reduced the anxiety which is crucial to ensure a successful adoption. It has also allowed for our volunteers to become familiar with the different temperaments and characteristics of the individual felines. This has proven to be crucial in matching animals to new families, and making adoptions a successful option.




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Animal Adoption Montreal (AAM) & our adoption center "Chatopia" is a charitable animal welfare organization dedicated to working with animals in need. Established in 2005 we are volunteers working closely with shelters, animal control agencies and pounds rescuing animals from high kill situations, overcrowding, hoarding, seizures, private homes, strays and emergency situations. We provide medical care, sterilize, vaccinate and offer all that is necessary to assure they are healthy adoptable pets. We also provide transport to place abandoned animals with like-minded rescues, SPCA’s and Humane societies where the demand for these wonderful pets allows them to become part of a family as quickly as possible.