REAF Annual Campaign - Providing Hope - Sustaining Lives

REAF Annual Campaign - Providing Hope - Sustaining Lives

About This Event

REAF is a leading source of funding for many San Francisco Bay Area agencies but, in order to continue to support the services provided by so many local AIDS service agencies, we need to continue to thrive and survive ourselves. We can't to that without funds to support our operations. 100% of the funds from ticket sales have always gone directly to support local AIDS services. Your donations to REAF, no matter how small, are magnified greatly in funds distributed to local AIDS service agencies.
The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation

Event to Support The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation

The Richmond//Ermet AIDS Foundation raises funds for and awareness about AIDS service agencies primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also advocate for public policy to support AIDS funding and research to lead for a cure to HIV/AIDS.

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