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Help Children in the Amazons

Help Children in the Amazons
Help Feed and Educate Children and Adopt This Program Today! Located in the Amazon city of Iquitos, Peru our Reaching Children for Jesus program is one of the only outreach programs in Iquitos, Peru, providing weekly nutritious meals to the most vulnerable of children in the community, children who most days live on less than a piece of bread a day, and spend their time in the streets begging and searching for food for their families. Children live in wooden huts on stilts located above the Amazon River and are transported from their home to our center by canoe. A nutritious meal is essential for survival and development. In attending the program the Hope Movement does not just provide physical nourishment, but through education and counseling we provide spiritual and emotional nourishment to guide children, heal their inner wounds, and inspire them to pursue their life’s purpose, understanding that poverty is not their destiny, it is only an obstacle to overcome to make their dreams into a reality. Give a Gift of Love We know this has been a difficult economic time for many, and there are many wonderful organizations to give to, but we ask that you please take a moment to pray and think about this opportunity to help children who without your help will go to sleep tonight with an empty stomach, face abuse, will be forced to work on the streets rather than study and will loss hope for a brighter future, but with your help their lives will be forever transformed. So we ask you, will you help? Will you take a moment and give what you can to children who are a reaching out to us for love and hope? Will you unite with us to form a movement of hope? We pray that your answer is YES! For the price of a cup of coffee you can give and make a difference TODAY! Ways to Give Online: www.hopemovement.com By Mail: 6340 SW 35th Court, Miramar, Florida 33023


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The Hope Movement
In Support of The Hope Movement
The Hope Movement is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit movement with a passion to bring social and spiritual change throughout the world. Our vision to create a revolution of love throughout the world opening the windows of heaven to allow the rain of God’s presence to fall upon His people, flowing through the streets like a mighty river, pouring hope into the lives of many. 

Our mission is to unite non-profits, churches, ministries, and individuals together as one in a movement of hope, shaking the comfort zone and inspiring them to work together to bring hope to those in need. We will defend and care for abused and abandoned children, embracing them with arms of love. We will protect the defenseless and break the chains of slavery. We will provide spiritual and physical nourishment to those in need so that they may live long and prosperous lives. We will empower the people through education, counseling and spiritual development, creating a cycle of change, releasing them from the trap of addiction and oppression. We will stabilize the family structure inspiring parents of purpose who rise up as leaders in their home and community. We will preach a message of hope to everyone in our path, opening their eyes to see their life’s purpose, being the voice and the hands of God, transforming communities into havens of hope. 

The Hope Movement is not an organization, or a one man show. It is a movement of destined individuals united as one, dedicating our lives to the rescue and care of children and adults living in desperate need, reaching out to those who are longing for love. A new day has arrived and the Hope Movement is the formation of a generation of transformation. 

The Hope Movement’s Response Today 

Through life-transforming programs, initiatives, outreach centers, and mission work in the streets united with others, the Hope Movement confronts human suffering: violence that strips widows and orphans of their property and livelihoods, poverty that drains families of hope, family dysfunction that causes children to make their beds in the streets, hunger that consumes life with inner pain, addiction that pollutes the soul, abuse that rips innocence from a child and robs of them a peaceful future, violence that steals dignity and health from children trafficked into forced prostitution, violence that denies freedom and security to families trapped in slavery. 

Suffering of the poor is not driven by the overwhelming power of the perpetrators – it is driven by the vulnerability of the victims, and the lack of unity and passionate individuals who will step out of their comfort zone, unite, and reach those who are longing for hope. This suffering can be stopped when the power of God is released to flood the streets with hope, transforming communities into havens of hope, and when we step out of our comfort zone, and unite to become a movement of hope. One person unites with another and becomes a ripple, as more unite they become a movement, forming a flood of hope, flowing through the streets, transforming all that is in their path with the power of unified actions of love. 

 Core Commitments 

 In the tradition of abolitionist Jesus Christ and transformational leaders like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, Jr., The Hope Movement’s work is founded on the call to justice and unity articulated in the Bible (Isaiah 1:17): Seek justice, protect the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow. The Hope Movement seeks to restore to victims of oppression the things that God intends for them: their lives, their liberty, their dignity, and the fruits of their labor. By defending and protecting individual human rights, The Hope Movement seeks to engender hope and transformation for those it serves and restore a witness of courage in places of oppressive violence and hopelessness. The Hope Movement helps victims of oppression regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or gender.
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