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Good Health Starts with Good Hygiene

Good Health Starts with Good Hygiene
The Calgary-based CHILD Foundation has built and now operates a hospital to provide basic medical care to women and children in rural India. Working with two Rotary Clubs in Calgary and supported by corporate donations, the Foundation constructed Maya Devi Charitable Hospital in the village of Sarurpur, which is near New Delhi. The facility went into service in October 2011 and has served over 40,000 patients. We have accomplished a great deal already, but much remains to be done. Water-borne diseases are the most common source of illness, so we have identified clean drinking water as a priority. Improved education in health and hygiene, and in female reproduction and sexual education, are also urgent. Women in rural India lack knowledge and resources for using clean sanitary napkins. Due to a lack of education, coupled with poverty and old practices, women use dirty rags during mensuration cycle. This leads to infection and more serious diseases over time. A pilot project in 2013 with donated sanitary napkins was extremely successful. This campaign is aimed at raising funds to purchase sanitary napkins and provide them to women of productive age. This will have extremely positive impact on the lives of thousands of teenage girls and women.


raised of $10,000 goal


Canadian Health, Immunization and Learning Development Foundation
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The Foundation’s objectives are to provide the following services in rural India on a charitable basis: 1. To provide and operate clinics / hospitals that will provide medical care to underprivileged children and women, 2. To provide childbirth education classes that focus on issues of family-centered care, preparation for parenting and nutrition, 3. To advance health care education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards and other forms of financial assistance, and 4. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of aforementioned charitable purposes. In collaboration with Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial, Rotary Club of Calgary and many other supporters, the Foundation has built a hospital in the rural community of Sarurpur Kalan, just 50 km North of New Delhi. This 20-bed hospital began to provide essential health care services to women and children on October 2nd, 2011, and has logged over 40,000 patient visits.
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