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Grow Together

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Help us expand our programs to serve more of this vulnerable population by making a donation or sharing this page on social media. This year we're setting the bar high. Through the Grow Together campaign, our goal is to raise $20,000 between September 4, 2018 to October 31, 2018 for A New Leaf's programs. Remember, we're not just raising funds and awareness, we're creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
A New Leaf Inc

Campaign to Support A New Leaf Inc

In May of 1979, A New Leaf started with the visionof Stan and Irene Burnstein to provide horticultural-related job training toadults with developmental disabilities. The Burnsteins envisioned a uniqueworking environment for their daughter who has a developmental disability. ANew Leaf began with one small greenhouse, which employed one staff person and servedtwo individuals. Today, A New Leaf has expanded to six greenhouses, two retailcenters, a wholesale route and a three-acre community farm.


As a means to proactively set adolescents with autismup for success, A New Leaf offers Autism Works!, a program to providepre-vocational skills to middle and high school students diagnosed with AutismSpectrum Disorder. The program helps students transition from middle to highschool and then to employmentor higher education after graduation by learning soft skills such asgiving a good first impression, reading facial expressions, and positive waysto cope with stress.

In addition, A New Leaf offers aschool-to-work program in partnership with area high schools to enable studentsto experience a work environment half of the day while attending classes theother half.


Lastly,A New Leaf operates a residential program comprised of two group homes and 19additional residences. Residential staff provide up to 24-hour care toindividuals with developmental disabilities, assisting with everything fromtaking medication to basic money management. With more than 29,000 individualswith developmental disabilities in the Tulsa area, the need for A New Leaf’sservices increase every day.

Fundraising Teams

Mary Lew - Grow Together 2018

$8,899.03 raised (177%)

A New Leaf

$7,229.87 raised (144%)

Garver Pancake Breakfast!

Join Garver and Chili's in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities through A New Leaf's 2018 Grow Together campaign. The campaign aims to raise more than $20,000 before the end of October to help create opportunities for the more than 29,000 individuals living with a deve...

$2,603 raised (52%)

Team Chilcoat

We have a passion for people in this community and love to see everyone thrive and enjoy their independence within their employment. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to work within their abilities and A New Leaf is a life changer for many individuals!

$1,127.75 raised (56%)

Selser Schaefer Architects

Selser Schaefer is dedicated to putting people first. This stands true in our work and in everything we do. Together as a team, we are raising money for A New Leaf to provide individuals with developmental disabilities and autism a better quality of life. With your donation, A New L...

$1,000 raised (20%)

Go Green for Michael

Michael has been a client of A New Leaf for many years. They provide residential care for him which consists of 24 hour care teaching him living skills, in home PT care, and transportation. They are a very caring staff. This industry is highly underfunded and the clients need our hel...

$105.79 raised (2%)
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    Dedication In Honor of: Katy Lew
    I'm excited to learn about this wonderful organization and want to establish a long-term relationship. I'm grateful that Katy Lew is a part of the organization, as she has created my awareness and has inspired me in a big way.
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    For Joel, in recognition of the care and effort of all staff at ANL
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