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The Giveffect Challenge: Team Oompa GryffinHood

The Giveffect Challenge: Team Oompa GryffinHood
The Giveffect Challenge. We have until January 17th to raise $1500 for our charity. We are competing against Team Carebears who are raising funds for Canadians for Global Care. What do the Oompa Loompas, Gryffindor House and Robin Hood all have in common? A lot more than you may initially think.. We the YTGA need your help! We are trying to raise funds for Studio 89! Why? 1. So that like the Oompa Loompa's we may spread awareness and create a socially conscious community by mobilizing and empowering young people for social justice through the arts (although we extend beyond singing to include creative writing, visual arts, theatre, spoken word, campaigns, and workshops that address local and global social issues). 2. So that like a Gryffindor we may find the courage to speak out and act against the evils of our world. 3. So that like Robin Hood we can steal from the rich and give to the poor! Just kidding...kinda... Well at least to hold the corporate world, as well as North American consumers, accountable for perpetuating unfair labor practices. We aim to educate about and provide fair trade products locally to impact change globally. By promoting and purchasing fair trade here, we reduce poverty over there. Hooray for conscious consumerism! Help us help you help the world! Your donation goes a long way! For a better understanding of our work, please visit: https://www.giveffect.org/events/46-mission-renovate-studio-89


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Derek Butt

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Youth Troopers for Global Awareness
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• Youth led non-profit organization in Mississauga • Age: six and a half years old • Mobilizing and empowering young people for social justice • Increasing social consciousness through creative writing, visual art, theatre, spoken word, campaigns and empowerment workshops • All YTGA work has a message and is produced by troopers • Committed to action! • Current campaigns: Stop Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children, and Save the Spirit Bear, Reroute the Enbridge pipeline in BC Studio 89 - Our Biggest Project! The YTGA team has been working on a social enterprise model called Studio 89. Studio 89 is a part fair-trade cafe and part youth artademic resource centre. Want to learn more? Check out this short video! Join us in our current mission.
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  2. Kevin Shinobi
    Kevin Shinobi

    So close to reaching the goal. We're almost there! So exciting!

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  3. Kevin Shinobi
    Kevin Shinobi

    Go team Oompa! Derek you're killin it! Set the pace for all the other team leads! Only a few more days to go =p

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  4. Youth Troopers for Global Awareness
    Youth Troopers for Global Awareness

    Exciting news folks! Studio 89 walls are now ready to be painted! Check out the albums for pictures of our primed walls!

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