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First Nations Map for Lake Winnipeg

First Nations Map for Lake Winnipeg
The First Nations’ Gathering for Lake Winnipeg was a huge success, but this is just the beginning! Activities conducted at the Gathering revealed that First Nations are actively involved in projects to monitor and restore the lake such as traditional knowledge studies, contaminants studies and water level monitoring. First Nations also expressed that they want to continue to increase their involvement for Lake Winnipeg stewardship. CIER plans to create a map of First Nations led projects and initiatives happening around the lake, using data collected at the Gathering and through further discussion with First Nation members. The map will be a dynamic, visually appealing communication tool that will show types of initiatives and where they are happening around the lake. The map will help facilitate coordinated efforts for the lake among First Nations, as well as build partnerships with other organisations working for the lake. The map will be housed on-line to ensure that the map will be accessible but also secure, and that it will be a living communication tool that First Nation members can update over time. We now need your help to make the map a reality. A donation from you will help us to engage the communities in data verification, map creation and distribution. This is a vital project in assisting First Nations in moving forward for Lake Winnipeg.


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CIER is the only national, First Nation-directed environmental non-profit organization with charitable status. We work with Indigenous communities to develop and implement sustainable solutions to proactively address environmental issues affecting First Nations lands. We approach all our efforts using an integrated approach that combines multiple perspectives and fosters collaborative relationships. CIER's work focuses upon meeting First Nation needs, as they define them, and by sharing the tools and solutions we work with First Nations to create.
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