Art of Chocolate 2018

Art of Chocolate 2018

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When: Feb 10, 2018 5:30 pm

The Art of Chocolate is just about the only event where you get to see an artist paint a live model in....Chocolate! Throughout the evening, a Mardi Gras theme will be featured in the art, food, music, and auction items! Wearing masks is encouraged! In fact, we'll provide you with a great selection of masks if you don't have one already. The evening will begin with an online auction, hors d'oeuvres by Indiana Memorial Union, live musical entertainment, and of course some of our favorite cocktails. Just when you've worked up an appetite, dinner will be presented by IMU's head chef, and feature a live auction. Make sure you save some room for dessert, because you'll finish the evening sampling a wide array of the most exciting chocolate desserts local chefs have to offer!

We'd like to recognize the chefs and businesses who have already committed to hosting a table at the Art of Chocolate this year! Thank you!

Indiana Memorial Union
Night & Day
Peacetree Mountain Truffles
Sugar Daddy's Cakes & Catering
Diamond K Sweets
Jack's Donuts

We have an authentic New Orleans themed evening planned for you, and hope that you'll enjoy every minute of it!

The Art of Chocolate
Feb. 10
Indiana Memorial Union, Solarium and Alumni Hall
900 E 7th St., Bloomington, IN 47405

There are a few details you need to know.

This is a Mardi Gras themed event. You are welcome to dress in anything Mardi Gras related, and we encourage wearing a mask! We will have masks at the event that you can purchase if you do not already have one. Most guests wear something that you might consider "evening attire". This event is just below semi-formal.

IMU will not have staff in the hotel parking lot booth after 9:00 pm. Anyone who leaves after 9:00 pm doesn't have to pay for parking. If anyone has to leave before 9:00 pm, LIFEDesigns will have parking vouchers which will discount parking fee by 50% at the check in/out area.

Doors open at 5:30 pm. Register for the auction in advance online at the link below under the "Auction" section to make your check in process go faster. You'll enter into Solarium for the "Happy Hour" and the online auction.

Online Auction:
Bidding will be live by tomorrow morning. For now, you can view items online and register yourself for the auction to speed along check in and check out for yourself. You may pre-register a credit card if you like for a faster check out at the end of the night.

Dinner & Bar:
Immediately after the online auction closes at 7:00 pm, we'll ask everyone to move to Alumni Hall and sit at your assigned table (which you will receive at check in). Once everyone is seated, dinner and the live auction can begin. We'll begin with a welcome and champagne toast (please save the preset champagne for the toast). Check out the live auction items in advance at the auction link above! There are a few vacation packages, a Tom Petty autographed guitar, a Harrison Ford autographed photo box with action figure (Star Wars), and more!

There will be a cash bar open throughout the night. You may also purchase wine bottles for your table.

Dessert Tasting:
The Art of Chocolate signature dessert tasting will follow dinner. We ask that you enjoy the chocolate desserts, and please do not try to check out before 9:30 pm. If you must leave early, we're happy to accommodate you.

We'll have 7 local chefs here this evening, and we hope you'll enjoy trying each of their dessert samplings!

If you have urgent questions before the event, you may reply to this email or call (812) 369-8460.

Please forward this email to any guests you invited, or if you don't have their email direct them to our event page or facebook event page so they can see these details there. (Either will work, both will have the same information received in this email.)

Facebook event page

Art of Chocolate event page

Thank you, and we're looking forward to spending the evening with you

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 900 E 7th St
  • Bloomington, IN 47405
  • USA
  • Time:
  • Feb 10, 2018 05:30 pm to
  • Feb 10, 2018 10:30 pm

King of Cakes


Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Fan

Chocolate Partners

LIFEDesigns, Inc.

Event to Support LIFEDesigns, Inc.

LIFEDesigns  believes that everyone should be included in their community and everyone has talents and abilities. We exist to provide the support and opportunities that people with disabilities need to achieve their goals. This is reflected in everything we do, from our in home support services, community education, supported employment, to Housing by LIFEDesigns.

Our organization was founded in 1982 by a group of parents who had children with disabilities. They believed that everyone deserved to live a life of purpose, and  there should be a better life for their children than living in an institution. Our values remain focused on community and inclusion. We choose to see the positive attributes that everyone possesses and  define people by their abilities rather than the challenges we all face. We strive to support our customers to find valued social roles, which connects them with their highest purpose—using their strengths for something greater than themselves.

LIFEDesigns along with the Monroe County Parks and Recreation Department and many other partners, built the Accessible Playscape at Karst Farm Park in Bloomington, Indiana. This is a truly unique project in the area, featuring a wheelchair accessible playground with a splash pad, and ramps that lead up to slides. LIFEDesigns is also a housing developer, and has built several projects focusing on Affordable Housing that is both accessible and stylish. Crawford Apartments is permanent supportive housing, a truly unique development providing permanent homes for people who are chronically homeless and have a disability.  Crawford Apartments was recognized with an award from the Lt. Governor of Indiana in 2014 for Community and Economic Development.

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