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Help Restore Vision

Help Restore Vision
The Cause: According to The World Bank, South Asia has the world’s largest concentration of poor people; more than 500 million people live on less than $1.25 a day.  At RS Foundation, our goal is to focus on addressing needs related to health, hygiene and education. This focus allows us to improve the lives of the local needy population by restoring some of their basic functions and resources such that they can be effective contributors to their communities once again.    A major area of improvement identified since 2008 by RS Foundation specialists was related to Cataract and various other visual impairments common in the local population.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), restoring sight is the single most cost-effective health intervention to reduce poverty.  Many studies have found eye surgery interventions to be effective in significantly increasing revenue among operated cases; raising productivity among the beneficiaries; and most gains among vulnerable groups, in particular females, elderly and those with the lowest of economic opportunity otherwise. After numerous consultations and research on this issue, our specialists identified partners with cost-effective program for donors to contribute towards restoring affected individuals' eyesights. Ocular Surgeries: Cataract and other causes of visual impairment can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated.  Since 2008, RS Foundation periodically arranges for pre-screening sessions and surgeries for members of disadvantaged and impoverished communities.  Patients are examined and operated free of cost. A gender balance provides equal opportunity for females. This procedure converts patients from being burdens on their families into productive members of society. There are three phases: (i) pre-screening sessions; (ii) solution through surgical procedure and visual support instruments; and (iii) follow-up and repeat follow-up.  The estimated cost for a single patient is $30 (costs can range between $25 to $90 per person, depending on various factors, including age, adult/child, type of surgery and location). The Goal: For less than the cost of a daily coffee, you can help someone see again. We want to raise $6,000 between now and March 31st, in order to provide up to 200 patients with free Cataract Surgeries.


raised of $7,500 goal


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- Canadian-based, registered non-profit organization. - Established in October 2007 to contribute towards poverty eradication and provide assistance to the needy and neglected in the South Asian sub-continent. - Our goal is to collaborate with established, registered organizations on a project-by-project basis. - Our value is in providing advisory and financial support in facilitating humanitarian projects in an effective and efficient manner. - 100% of donations are used towards humanitarian projects. Additionally, RSF is regularly involved with different types of events and activities to help raise funds for humanitarian projects while fostering knowledge and awareness locally, as well as to introduce and encourage strategies towards self and community-building. Please note that tax deductible receipts can be provided by registered charitable organizations to whom we provide funds to on project-by-project basis.
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