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A Dollar a Day Campaign

A Dollar a Day Campaign
Imagine...if 15 people all got 15 friends to donate $1 per day for 3 months...how much will we raise? $20,250! Check out the video for more information and help us raise enough money to build a playground, a library or a soccer field...or all 3!! For more information or to get involved, email amy@projectsomos.org


raised of $20,000 goal


Project Somos Children's Village
In Support of Project Somos Children's Village
Project Somos is establishing a village for abandoned and orphaned children in Guatemala near the town of Tecp√°n. The Village will have seven homes with Guatemalan Foster Mothers raising a household of children. The family homes are being built using earthbag construction. This eco-sustainable Village will use alternative power, and will have organic agriculture & orchards. The Village is being designed in collaboration with Guatemalan architect, Cecilia Rodriguez. Education, leadership and arts will be key focuses of The Children's Village. The Village will work hand in hand with the local Guatemalan community.
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