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Home on the Horizon Class

Home on the Horizon Class
This class series is FREE and open to the public and generously hosted at Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City campus. Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity is proud to join with Iowa City Housing Authority, Family Self Sufficiency participants for a series of classes. Each class is presented as a necessary tool for successful financial freedom with the goal to achieve homeownership. You may choose to attend any classes on personal finance and home maintenance. Finance classes are led by a certified credit counselor from Horizons. Every month we will repeat the same content twice. For a schedule of classes email volunteer@iowavalleyhabitat.org

Please arrive on time. Parking/handicap accessibility via elevator is on the east side of the main building. Room 216 is on the second floor. Children will not be permitted in the classroom or on campus. We are able to accommodate up to thirty participants per class.

You may call and set up a personal budget planning or debt management appointment in the Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity office. Call (319) 375-3139 today.

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • Kirkwood Community College
  • Iowa City, IA 52240
  • USA
Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity
In Support of Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity
We envision a world in which each person has a decent place to live. Locally, we partner with both current and future homeowners, local businesses, residents and social service organizations to construct and renovate safe, decent, affordable housing in Cedar, Iowa, Johnson and Washington Counties.  We also secure affordable financing so that homeowners in our program save thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage.   Globally, we work to remove barriers to decent housing by supporting Global Village trips and tithing to Habitat for Humanity global builds.  Together with our community, Habitat homeowners gain the strength, stability and self-reliance needed to build better lives and stronger communities.

2019 Home on the Horizon Syllabus

Kirkwood Community College, IC Campus

 1816 Lower Muscatine Rd, Iowa City, IA 52240 Room 216




February 14, 6:30-8:30pm & February 16, 9-11 am 

2018 Income TaxPreparation 

Leader: HorizonsCertified Housing Counselor

**FSS joins HabitatHomeowners and the public

         Doyour taxes on time, every year

         Avoidfraud and scams when you file


March 14, ​6:30-8:30pm & ​March 16, 9-11 am 

Your Personal Budget

Leader: HorizonsCertified Housing Counselor


         Cutting costs

         Invest your tax return

         Creative ways tostretch your paycheck



April 11 ​6:30-8:30 pm& ​April 13, 9-11 am​

Community Leadership& Civic Responsibility

Leader: CherieCool-Rudd

  • How to protect your plumbing, no “flushable” wet wipes, Adam Ruins Everything

  • Start to save $ now to buy AC unit ($1200+), clothes Washer/Dryer, build your mower with Phil’s Repair, Do you want a mounted microwave?

  • Why WiFi? Tools to assist your child for better study habits and scholastic success

  • Expectations with City "Cute Codes" including lawn and yard maintenance, urban chickens, etc.

  • Outdoor upkeep such as painting trim regularly, clear ice or snow from all walkways, etc.= fines

  • Fire Safety, lighting and window treatments, Parking and vehicle storage

May 9, 6:30-8:30 pm& May 11, 9-11 am

Your Credit Report

​Leader:​ HorizonsCertified Housing Counselor

·  ​How to get a free credit report & what itmeans for you

·  Improve your score

·  Plan for retirement

·  Avoid predatory lenders​

·  Interest rates and compound interest


June 13, 6:30-8:30 pm& June 15, 9-11 am


Leader: HorizonsCertified Housing Counselor

·  How to select financial products and avoidloans, debt, and fines/overdrafts

·  What to do when your lease ends or to get outof a lease agreement




August 8, 6:30-8:30 pm& August 10, 9-11 am

Home Maintenance andEnergy Conservation 

​Leader: ChristyShipley or Cherie Cool-Rudd

         Local tradesprofessionals

         Energy Conservationand seasonal maintenance

         What to do when thingsgo wrong i.e. toilet or water heater malfunction, breaker fuse, who to call andwhat if you miss an appointment, ERV settings and your life-style, frozen pipes


September 12, 6:30-8:30pm & September 14, 9-11 am

Pending- InsurancePresentation


Leader: Pending

·  Why do I need Insurance? (Habitat Home Buyers-Plan to pay for one year on closing day!)

·  Presentation of various Insurance products, DoI need flood insurance?

·  How/When to file a claim or pay out of pocketfor repairs

·  High Risk Insurance costs- Trampoline, Somedog breeds,


October 10, 6:30-8:30pm & October 12, 9-11 am

Save for Milestonesand Emergencies!

Leader: HorizonsCertified Housing Counselor

·        Reevaluate your budgetto prepare for Christmas/Holidays

·        Avoid credit card debtwith a plan

·        Wills, Loss of Income

·        Compound Interest

·        Investment Products, Retirement Planning: Simple IRA, 401K

·        College Savings, Scholarships, FAFSA, loans

November 14, 6:30-8:30pm & 16, 9-11 am

Home Maintenance andEnergy Conservation 

​Leader: ChristyShipley IVHFH Construction Manager​

·  How to save money on Utilities seasonally

·  Pay $ before closing day to buy AC unit($1200+), clothes Washer/Dryer, mower, mounted microwave

·  Energy Conservation

·  What to do when things go wrong i.e. toilet orwater heater malfunction, breaker fuse, ERV

·  Sweat Equitycompletion check up with Cherie


*Check the Iowa ValleyHabitat for Humanity Facebook page, radio stations KCCK 88.3 or 106.9 forweather related cancellations or www.kirkwood.edu/alert

Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity is proud tojoin with Iowa City Housing Authority Family Self Sufficiency participants fora series of FREE classes generously hosted by Kirkwood Community College, Iowa CityCampus. Each class includes necessary information for successful financialplanning and property maintenance for a first-time home buyer. Every month wewill repeat the same content in both classes. 


Please arrive on time. Parking/Handicapaccessibility via elevator is on the east side of the main building. Room 216is on the second floor. Children will not be permitted in the classroom or oncampus. We are able to accommodate up to thirty participants per class. You mayinvite other adults to class.


*Habitat Homeowners will attend each class andreceive a reduction of fees associated with closing costs when mortgagepaperwork is signed.

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