Tactical Medical Packs

Tactical Medical Packs

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Tactical Medical Packs CMAT's Tactical Medical packs are designed as the essential trauma pack for anyone working in remote disaster environments, and is used by our search and rescue personnel, and first responders in the field. Carried in either a shoulder bag or backpack, and manufactured of durable canvas, the Tactical Medical Pack contains all the basic equipment which responders would need to treat a trauma patient at an advanced first aid level. The Tactical Medical Pack contains all the contents needed in an immediate care scenario, including airways; dressings, bandages and skin closure strips for wound treatment; splints for fractures; and needles and syringes plus IV cannulas, solutions and tubing for pre-hospital use. It has an extra compartment in which medication may be carried.
Canadian Medical Assistance Teams

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VISION Through its medical relief and development projects, CMAT seeks to improve the health and welfare of families both in Canada and in developing countries around the world. MISSION STATEMENT By preserving human dignity, helping to reduce suffering and building capacity, CMAT aims to assist vulnerable communities most affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster to heal their biological, psychological, and social wounds.

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