Dayton-April Coffee Talk-Gentle Yoga

Dayton-April Coffee Talk-Gentle Yoga

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Survivors, Tackle Monday with a calm mind. Prepare yourself to start the week off right with a Sunday night relaxation class.
Our Yoga Foundations classes are built around learning basic, or foundational, Yoga poses. You can expect to learn principles of alignment, as well as modifications and variations for certain postures.

This class is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!
Gentle Yoga classes are typically calming, relaxing, and less physically demanding than most classes. There will be instruction and guidance through the poses at a slower and more gentle pace, and the use of props as support in postures, as well as modifications for certain postures, will be offered more frequently. *If you have a mat, please bring yours*

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Pink Ribbon Girls

Campaign to Support Pink Ribbon Girls

We offer support and services to our members through our Simply Fight! and NO Age NO Stage programs which offer free services for those in treatment to help with everyday life needs such as housekeeping, meals and transportation. Survivors can also connect through monthly coffee talks and other events.

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