Coalition for Women’s Identities Campaign for Equity

Coalition for Women’s Identities Campaign for Equity

About This Campaign

In support of ACPA’s Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization and aligning with the mission of the Coalition for Women’s Identities (CWI), the CWI Directorate Board is committed to restructuring and creating sustainable and equitable access to leadership positions within the Directorate and ACPA. In order to recruit and retain an increasingly diverse Directorate that is representative of our membership, we need your financial support. Directorate members commit to gathering twice per year in person, in addition to monthly working video conference calls. Due to the changing composition of our membership, and the tightening budgets of institutions, it is increasingly difficult for entry-level professionals to obtain professional development funding or pay their own way to attend the mid-year planning session and annual ACPA convention. The working relationships, skills, and knowledge built while serving our members allows this committed group of volunteers to advance our mission and serve our coalition through professional development programming, activism and advocacy, and convention programming efforts. Please give as you are able so that we can continue to work toward being a Directorate that represents, voices, and provides equitable access to the full depth and breadth of our diverse membership.

Here are some examples of what donations will provide Directorate Board members:

$53 - Annual ACPA graduate student membership for our Empower Fellow
$93 - Annual ACPA individual membership
$250 - Fund housing costs for one member at the CWI Mid-Year Leadership Meeting
$1,500 - Fund one member to attend ACPA Convention
$2,229 - Fully fund housing for Directorate Board at the CWI Mid-Year Leadership Meeting

About the Coalition for Women’s Identities:
For more than forty years, the CWI, formerly the Standing Committee for Women (SCW), has focused on the plethora of –isms and –phobias that affect the spectrum of women- and/or female-identified people, and is intentionally inclusive of all intersecting social identities. The CWI serves to examine the subtle manifestations of power, privilege, and oppression including but not limited sexism, racism, genderism, transphobia, classism, ableism, homophobia, and xenophobia within higher education, and to educate ACPA members about these issues and their effects within our profession. CWI brings these issues to the forefront and empowers and supports women- and female-identified people and their allies in their professional aspirations in higher education and student affairs. Through education, empowerment, advocacy, and support, CWI works in collaboration with the ACPA membership at large to effect positive change for the spectrum of women- and female-identified people within higher education and student affairs.
ACPA Foundation

Campaign to Support ACPA Foundation

Founded in 1994 during the presidency of Charles Schroeder, the purpose of the ACPA Educational Leadership Foundation (501c3 non-profit organization) is “to enhance the student affairs profession and to generate and disseminate knowledge of college students at all levels within higher education” (Article Three of the Articles of Incorporation). The organization is now known as the ACPA Foundation to more concisely communicate its role as the fundraising arm of ACPA College Student Educators International.

The Mission - The ACPA Foundation exists to support the priorities and activities of ACPA by raising funds and developing resources that help the Association fulfill its mission. 

The Vision - The ACPA Foundation will develop sufficient assets to effectively and sustainably fund ACPA’s efforts to provide excellent professional development opportunities to members, advance knowledge in the field, and support the transformative effect of education in the lives of college students.

In order to fulfill its purpose and mission, the Foundation invites members and non-members alike to provide philanthropic support for ACPA's vital initiatives involving research, scholarship, professional development and leadership program.


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  1. Penny Pasque
    Penny Pasque gave a $100 donation
    "Activism can be the journey rather than the arrival" Grace Lee Boggs. But, ENJOY 'arriving' at MIDYEAR and the CWI journey! - Penny
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  2. Kelly Schrader
    Kelly Schrader gave a $52.76 donation
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  3. Chelsea Lyles
    Chelsea Lyles gave a $26.53 donation
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  4. Chelsea Lyles
    Chelsea Lyles

    Please help other new professionals have the opportunity to work with and learn from this amazing group! I have been part of the directorate for one year, and it has been the most transformative professional development experience in my 15 years of work in higher education. The close relationships I have developed through gathering at mid-year, monthly conference calls, working on projects, and at the ACPA convention have allowed me to grow, learn, and be held accountable with folks I have come to trust and respect. Please help emerging professionals and those without institutional funding participate in this amazing experience through your generous donations!

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  5. Chelsea Lyles
    Chelsea Lyles

    CWI Directorate at Fall 2017 Mid-Year Planning Meeting

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