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Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the rebuilding of Afghanistan has been beset by challenges and escalating insecurity. Many Afghans continue to live in poverty, without basic security and with widespread violations of their human rights. Women, in particular, are more likely to suffer from extreme poverty, high rates of illiteracy, sexual abuse, violence and limited access to employment opportunities, land, or decision making power within their own communities. Tens of thousands of women in Afghanistan find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty, exclusion and isolation, forcing them to resort to desperate measures to feed their families, including selling off their young daughters into marriage or sending their children into the streets to beg for money. In such an environment, children are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and deprived of an education and a future. The livelihoods work conducted by War Child and local partners has been immensely successful. Over 700 women have received vocational training and 98% of those are successfully operating small businesses and repaying their microfinance loans. This programming directly helps increase women’s involvement in their families and communities. War Child needs your help to continue funding this important work in Afghanistan. Our goal is to raise $5,000 via Giveffect by August 31, 2013. Will you help?


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In Support of War Child
War Child helps rebuild war-affected communities to provide the support necessary for children to experience a stable childhood.

When war itself ends, the consequences endure. A lack of employment opportunities, the absence of effective economic or social structures, a destroyed infrastructure, an under-educated population and a culture of impunity around rights violations combine to create conditions that make a return to conflict all too possible.

But by making a long-term investment to help the children develop into healthy, educated and productive adults, the cycle of violence can be broken.

That’s why we are dedicated to protecting childhood by bringing education, opportunity and justice to where they are needed most.