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ReStore Volunteer Schedule

ReStore Volunteer Schedule
Habitat ReStore - Quad Cities depends on volunteers every day to keep the store running and therefore help work toward the Habitat for Humanity mission of providing strength and stability through affordable housing.

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  • Address:
  • 3629 Mississippi Ave
  • Davenport 52807
  • USA
Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities
In Support of Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities
The Habitat program is a multi-prong approach to breaking the cycle of poverty. First, we work to identify low income families who can’t qualify for traditional mortgages and who have a need for better housing options. We pair this family with a mentor who helps them through the process of building a new home. In addition, the families must complete 250 hours per adult of “sweat equity” before they can move into their new home. They must also complete a series of classes relating to budgeting, home maintenance, and other information pertaining to successful home ownership. Once the program and build is complete the Partner Family will close on their new home with a zero percent mortgage and low down payment. Habitat for Humanity holds this mortgage to ensure that the family’s payments are no more than 30% of their monthly income. The mortgage payments they make are paid forward to help us build homes for future families.Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities builds strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable housing.  In addition to the Home Building program, we also operate a Home Repair and Neighborhood Revitalization program.
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    Chris Abbott
    GETEST 123
    Judi Berkley
    Belinda Holbrook
    Gail Yingling
    Dolores Compton
    Zach Currier
    Gail Yingling
    Hannah Helpful
    Jill Humanity
    Siddharth Sharma
    Howard Habitat

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