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40th Annual Island 10k/5k Run/Walk

40th Annual Island 10k/5k Run/Walk
About This Campaign
KiDS NEED MoRE is a proud Charity Team
SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2018 at 5:30 PM Start!
Support our team by donating so we can send over 150 children with cancer and their siblings to a week-long sleep away camp on Shelter Island!!

You can sponsor our team, support our walkers and runners by donating
AND if you like, you can participate and sign up to race too!!
For participating team members that raise over $100, KiDS NEED MoRE will offer an overnight stay at Quinipet Retreat Center for Saturday night.

Ready, Set... GO!

Be a SPONSOR and Support our Team
1. Support our Team by Clicking SPONSOR!
2. Sponsor us by clicking SPONSOR to have your logo on our team shirts, on the sleeves, or have a large display banner at the event.
3. Share this fundraising page to all our friends and family so they can support our team and the children!
Sponsorship deadline is May 26th, 2018.

Be a PARTICIPANT on our Team!
1. Walk, Run or just have Fun with us by clicking PARTICIPATE.
2. Raise $100 or MoRE and you'll be eligible for an overnight stay on Shelter Island the day of the race.
3. To be a part of the team you must register for the official race at the Shelter Island 5K/10K website and make sure to select the KiDS...


raised of $25,000 goal
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