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Youth Media Awareness Project

Youth Media Awareness Project
The Y-MAP will develop our students’ abilities to think critically about the flood of images they see daily through visual, print and social media. The Youth Media Awareness Project (The Y-MAP) is a two-level project. One level will focus on the effect media has on youth by producing a workbook to develop knowledge around media. We know that youth are completely immersed in mass media all day, and this project teaches them to analyze the information they are given. When young people can address the data they see and break it down in a critical way, they can process information in a more productive way. Our second level of the project is to build SAE’s internal capacity in social media by training a team of volunteers to interact in the online community and represent our voice on Twitter, GiveEffect and our website blog.


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Sisters Achieving Excellence (SAE) provides literacy, leadership and employability programming to at risk young women in the Ottawa area. SAE teaches verbal, phonetic, comprehension and writing skills while also providing mentoring and life skills. These skills ensure that the students of the SAE program will find employment in the future and will become strong leaders.
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