HUEYS #PayItForward Birthday Party

HUEYS #PayItForward Birthday Party

About This Campaign

HUEYS is turning 45 and wants to give Restore Corps a percentage of the days sales. Come to the midtown location to join in the party, or have a meal at any of the other seven locations to bolster the sales!

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 1927 Madison
  • Memphis,, TN 38104
  • USA
  • Campaign by Rachel Sumner

  • Supports 1 Charities
  • Started 3 Campaigns
Restore Corps

Campaign to Support Restore Corps

Holistic care of survivors of human trafficking - immediate relief, longer term rehabilitation, long term development. Training first contact workers who work with/will contact at-risk/trafficked population, or are in strategic positions of influence to social change. Legislation/policy influence at the state level.


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