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Laci Taquino Dance for a Life 2018

Laci Taquino Dance for a Life 2018
Dear Sponsors, Coaches and Cheerleaders,

“Dance for a Life” has been a vision of my family for many years. As a family faced far too early with the decision of organ donation, we know firsthand how important it is to know the wishes of our family members. Through volunteering with Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA), it is our mission to help educate students and their families about organ donation and the importance of discussing.
My daughter, Laci Michelle Taquino was a very active and outgoing 15-year old who was known for her humble and quiet personality. She was a dancer, a cheerleader, and maintained a 4.0 GPA as an honor student at Comeaux High School. In August 2006, Laci passed away suddenly from a massive intracerebral hemorrhage caused by an undiagnosed Arteriovenus Malformation (AVM). It was then, that our family faced the difficult decision of organ donation. Thankfully, Laci and I had a discussion about organ donation just one month prior. It was a conversation I didn’t want to have or even think about, but today, I am so thankful for it! When faced with the decision to donate Laci’s organs, I knew her wishes! Laci saved the lives of six people.
The national organ transplant waiting list currently has over 122,000 people waiting on life saving organs. Over 1,800 of these waiting are from Louisiana. Up to 61 people can benefit from the gifts of only one donor. Donated organs can potentially save 9 lives, corneas can restore sight to 2 recipients, and recovered tissues can enhance up to 50, primarily through reconstructive surgeries.
Honoring Laci’s wish by saying "Yes” to organ donation is the one positive outcome from such a devastating situation. It is our hope that “Dance for a Life” will not only raise funds for LOPA to continue educating about organ donation, but will open the door to that all important family conversation.
We would love to have you join us in celebrating Laci’s love of dance and cheer. Please consider participating in this friendly and informative competition, honoring donor heroes, and organ and tissue recipients.


Lisa Taquino

The Laci Taquino "Dance for A Life" Cheer and Dance Invitational (LOPA fundraiser)

We would like to invite you to the 5th annual Laci Taquino "Dance for A Life” Cheer and Dance Invitational on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at Comeaux High School Boys Gym located at 100 West Bluejay Drive, Lafayette, LA.

Check-in and registration will be from 8:30-9:30 a.m. and the competition begins promptly at 10 a.m.

Middle school, JV and Varsity cheer squads will compete in Home Pom Dance and Home Cheer categories. Also, Dance teams will compete in 3 Dance categories – Hip Hop, Jazz, and Home Pom. Stunts are required to follow UCA guidelines. All participants are required to sign the Liability Waiver.

Categories (maximum 2 minutes per routine)
Each category will have three divisions:
Small Division (12 team members or less)
Medium Division (13-16 team members)
Large Division (17 or more team members)
***UCA /UDA rules and regulations will be followed***
Depending on the number of participants, divisions may be combined.

Registration: Entry fees are: $30 per participant for entry in one category, and $35 per participant in two categories. Entry fees include a “Dance for a Life” commemorative T-Shirt. Each participating squad will be given two Coach/Sponsor passes. Registration after 11/15/2018; $35 per participant for entry in one category and $40 per participant in two categories.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd place in each category and in all divisions. Overall Awards will be awarded to the teams with highest score is their category. Judges will select the most spirited team to be recognized for the Spirit Award.

Mascots are encouraged to attend in costume and cheer their teams on! All mascots, who attend in costume and participate in crowd interaction at designated times throughout the competition, will receive free admission to the event. They may also compete in a mascot skit competition. Entry fee is $20 per participant and includes a “Dance for a Life” commemorative T-shirt. Skits are to be no longer than five (5) minutes in length and registered cheerleaders may be used in the skit. There will be only one division. A mascot competition champion plaque will be awarded to the winner.

Jump-Off & Tumble Off
All participants are welcome to enter the jump-off and/or tumble off at a cost of $5 per person per event. The jump will have 2 divisions (Middle School and Jr.Varsity/Varsity). Tumble off will be only one division.

Honor Wall
The Honor Wall will recognize Organ, Eye & Tissue Heroes and Recipients. If your squad would like to honor a Hero and/or Recipient, please bring a photo and a brief write-up of their story.

General admission is $5 and children ages 5 and under will be admitted FREE. Extra T-Shirts will be available for sale at a cost of $15 per shirt. Food and beverages will be sold. All competition and admission proceeds will be donated to LOPA (Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency).
Early Bird Registration Deadline is 11/15/17
Registration Deadline is 12/1/2018
Please contact Lisa Taquino (337)230-0816 or ltaquino@cox.net with any questions.

Location / Venue

LOPA Foundation
In Support of LOPA Foundation

About the LOPA Foundation: With a core purpose of Working for Hope, Working in Honor and Working to Heal, the LOPA Foundation solicits and receives donations to support LOPA’s efforts to educate and celebrate the everlasting gift of organ and tissue donation.  Gifts made to the LOPA Foundation help increase LOPA’s capacity and honor the thousands of Louisianians impacted by donation each year. The LOPA Foundation has been designated as a 501(c)3 charitable and tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service and is treated by the IRS as a supporting foundation to LOPA.

About LOPA: Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) was established on April 1, 1988 as an independent, not-for-profit organ and tissue recovery agency. LOPA is federally designated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid as the organ procurement organization (OPO) responsible for servicing the state of Louisiana. LOPA is tasked with two main objectives; housing and maintaining the Louisiana Donor Registry, and recovering organs and tissue for transplant. LOPA partners with professionals throughout the state, including eye banks and all hospitals within Louisiana, to accomplish its life saving and enhancing goals. Education is key to this process, and our staff offers a variety of educational opportunities for the public and professionals within our state. 

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