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Mentoring Wisdom

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Train a volunteer literacy tutor-mentor “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi Sage Youth programs strive to bring the gift of literacy through free mentoring programs to high-need children and youth. Without the help of our talented, dedicated volunteer tutors and mentors, we could never deliver the gift of literacy—and hope—to these wonderful children and youth. Each volunteer is screened and trained in our approach to literacy skills development. Perhaps you would like to volunteer but cannot, then why not donate $50 toward the cost of training one literacy volunteer tutor-mentor to help defray our training costs. As an added bonus, once trained, our volunteers become literacy advocates in their communities, workplaces and public institutions reminding those around them that literacy should not be taken for granted, and that more work must be done!
Sage Youth - Jeunesse Sage

Campaign to Support Sage Youth - Jeunesse Sage

Our vision is to bring literacy, as well as the hope, power and freedom it provides, to Ottawa’s most heroic children and youth. Our mandate is to provide free literacy, life-skills and mentoring programs to marginalized children and youth, aged 5 to 25. Our belief is that literacy is the birthright of Canada's children. When students begin Sage Youth programs, they are considered to be "children at-risk". Through our programs, they move towards becoming "children in-opportunity". Our purpose is to support them in realizing their dreams.

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