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A Working Gift That Works Wonders

A Working Gift That Works Wonders
Literacy Workbooks for a student for a year Being Canadian-based, our workbooks focus on Canadian-relevant themes encouraging students to learn more about First Nations and multi-cultural issues, as well as our parliamentary system and civic responsibilities in Canada. Many of our students are of colour, new Canadian, from financially disadvantaged families, from single parent homes and many face a number of physical and developmental challenges. We have strived to make our workbooks as inclusive as possible to all of our students. Our workbooks teach our students how to become role models in our diverse society. Sage Youth students receive these materials at no cost.


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Sage Youth - Jeunesse Sage
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Our vision is to bring literacy, as well as the hope, power and freedom it provides, to Ottawa’s most heroic children and youth. Our mandate is to provide free literacy, life-skills and mentoring programs to marginalized children and youth, aged 5 to 25. Our belief is that literacy is the birthright of Canada's children. When students begin Sage Youth programs, they are considered to be "children at-risk". Through our programs, they move towards becoming "children in-opportunity". Our purpose is to support them in realizing their dreams.
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