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Building a Case- From your hand to theirs

Building a Case- From your hand to theirs
A full pencil case “ I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world. ” Mother Teresa of Calcutta Remember the joy of opening a freshly-stocked pencil case in your first class at the beginning of a new school year in September? Each sharpened, pointy pencil brought new hopes for achievement and success for the year that lay ahead. We try hard to help our kids succeed at school and sustain that “September” enthusiasm for learning. In doing this, we go through oodles of pencils in our Sage Youth programs because we teach our students how to print, write in cursive writing, capture their thoughts in full sentences, proofread and change and improve upon their own work. And what tool is more effective at helping you hone your thoughts on paper, than a pencil with a small eraser on the end? Since we use, and sharpen, so many pencils, we need lots of pencil cases for our tutors and their students! To help cover the cost of a full pencil case for one of our Sage Youth programs, please donate $10.00.


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Our vision is to bring literacy, as well as the hope, power and freedom it provides, to Ottawa’s most heroic children and youth. Our mandate is to provide free literacy, life-skills and mentoring programs to marginalized children and youth, aged 5 to 25. Our belief is that literacy is the birthright of Canada's children. When students begin Sage Youth programs, they are considered to be "children at-risk". Through our programs, they move towards becoming "children in-opportunity". Our purpose is to support them in realizing their dreams.
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