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Supplying the Essentials

Supplying the Essentials
Class supplies for a full program for One Year Paper, pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners and dictionaries—the basic tools needed for reading and writing, teaching and sharing knowledge—are in short supply in many of our students’ classrooms. Your gift goes directly to the classroom to provide essential materials for a full year of programming giving children the tools to learn to read, write and be confident about learning.


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The Excellence in Literacy Foundation
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The ELF provides community partners across Canada with free, user-friendly and effective literacy teaching tools for children and youth living in low-income, new Canadian, Indigenous, homeless and special needs communities. In the the last ten years, we have written, developed and produced literacy teaching workbooks with engaging content relevant to the lives and circumstances of the children we serve, created training sessions to explain the ELF teaching method to teachers and volunteers of community partner agencies, and designed literacy assessment, evaluation and teaching tools for partners to measure student progress. Our unique workbooks focus on Canadian-relevant themes about Indigenous, multi-cultural issues, Canada’s parliamentary system and civic responsibilities. They encourage respect and inclusiveness, recognize the four simple steps toward attaining good literacy skills and are easy-to-use for community volunteers from various educational backgrounds. The workbooks teach: • verbal, phonetic, comprehension and writing skills, • confidence, leadership and vocational skills, and • fundamental financial skills. Since 2002—through ELF supported programs—over 35000 children nationally have received literacy tutoring and mentoring via 250 community partners. This support will help these children succeed at school, develop confidence and become productive, conscientious citizens. In the last year, the ELF received over 150 additional partner requests for literacy support. Your support could help to fulfill many of these requests!
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