Gilda's Club Greater Toronto

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Vision The Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto philosophy is to provide free social and emotional support to men, women, children, teens and their families and friends as an essential complement to medical care. In fact, Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto has been called “the missing link in the cancer care system," and we consider our program to be a 21st century template for self-empowering, community-based health care. Cancer is isolating enough and we believe in the benefit of having members do everything in a group setting. It empowers them and eliminates the sense of isolation by drawing on the collective wisdom of people who are sharing the same experiences. As a patient in the healthcare system, things are chosen for people done to them, but as a member of Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto, they’re given the tools and information they need to create their own support plan, and draw strength from the GCGT community. Core Values •To place members at the center of our focus •To respect the value that each individual brings to Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto •To be inclusive in what we do •To evoke compassion, warmth, laughter, humour and fun in all that we do, remaining true to the spirit of the person for whom we are named – Gilda Radner •To hold each other accountable for achieving our mission •To approach all that we do with honesty, integrity, and commitment, and •To pursue excellence at all times


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