L'Arche Calgary

About This Organization

• Founded by humanitarian Jean Vanier in 1964 • Vanier realized that the suffering and poverty of people with a disability was related to rejection and loneliness not their disability. Determined to change this situation, he invited 2 men with developmental disabilities who were abandoned, institutionalized and in poverty to live with him as friends in a family like environment • He called his new home “L'Arche” a French word referring to the boat Noah built for safety and refuge • Today L'Arche is a global leader in changing the way society includes and honours people with developmental disabilities • The vision of L’Arche is to protect and celebrate the lives of people who have an intellectual disability. L’Arche holds the deep conviction that each and every person is worthy of unqualified love and respect and that every person has a gift to give to the world L’Arche Calgary has five homes in Calgary, a Supported Independent Living Program and a Day Program. L’Arche Calgary supports 29 people with developmental disabilities and has been making an impact in Calgary since 1973 by providing our core members with opportunities for community inclusion.


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