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We are a children’s charity who help children of all faiths, including children at risk on the streets, disabled children, young refugees, young careers or those within the youth justice system. Through our lobbying and research, we seek to influence child protection policy and perceptions at all levels so young people have a better chance in life. Our Children’s Aid Society believes, and Canadian support, that all children and youth deserve safety. Only 7 percent of Ontarians feel that it is adequate to protect children only until the age of 16, 49 percent say that the age of protec­tion should be raised to the age of 18, 12 percent say to the age of 19 and a further 26 percent believe youth should be protected to the age of 21. Ontario’s definition of “child” in the Child and Family Services Act, under Section 37, is inconsistent with article 1 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which defines children as “persons up to the age of 18 years”. According to a study by the Centre of Excellence in Child Welfare, five provinces and territories have already defined 18 or 19 as the age of protection in child welfare. Children’s Aid should have the ability to intervene when older children are abused or neglected and be able to work with children and their families, and help them make connections in the community to access supports and services. The alternatives to providing protection are grim. Youth looking to escape unsafe condi­tions run away and become homeless, some turn to drugs and alcohol, end up on social assistance, or become involved in correctional services. Each year our programmes and services help thousands of children and their families both in Canada and Sierra Leone.At the Children’s Aid Society we regularly carry out research to learn more about the issues affecting children. We work in partnership with local authorities, voluntary organisations and agencies to share experiences and maximise our impact. We defend, safeguard and protect the childhood of all children and young people throughout North York and Etobicoke communities in Ontario through our network of programmes and services.


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