Canadian Friends Service Committee

About This Organization

Fundamentally committed to equality, peace (including pacifism), simplicity, community and integrity, CFSC was founded in 1931 to address the social concerns of Quakers in Canada. We work with partners on a range of peace building and social justice issues including the promotion of Indigenous peoples' human rights, working for sustainable economies and ecology, and strengthening restorative justice practices. Rooted in our Quaker faith (but never seeking to convert anyone!), CFSC is guided by a vision of a world in which peace and justice prevail, where the causes of war and oppression are removed, a world in which the whole of Creation is treated with respect and where individuals and communities are freed to reach their fullest potential. We work from the grassroots to the national and international levels, providing practical assistance, policy dialogue, research, and education. Our current focus is on work in Canada, internationally through UN forums, and in DR Congo and Israel/Palestine.


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