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West Abbotsford Community School Society
The West Abbotsford Community School Society (WACSS), formerly known as the John Maclure Community School Society, was established in 1996 to provide programming opportunities for families at Abbotsford schools. These include programs in literacy, arts, technology, programming, sports, and events! 

WACSS is committed to promoting programs that support life-long learning in the Abbotsford Community. 

Key elements of this mandate and focus are: 
- Promotion of literacy skills in children and youth 
- Environmental awareness and development of stewardship in youth 
- Localization, activities brought close to the people who will participate. 
- Self-help activities organized by the participants 
- Integrated service delivery, the bringing together of various agencies an organizations in cooperation to fulfill common purposes. 

WACSS Mission 
“Our mission is to provide educational, recreational, and social activities for the children and families in the diverse community of West Abbotsford” 

WACSS Vision 
“Our vision is a community where children and families are accepted, respected, healthy, successful learners” 

Value Statements 
- Integrity: WACSS demonstrates integrity by living through our values with honesty 
- Ownership: WACSS demonstrates ownership through accountability and pride in our role within the community 
- Cooperation: WACSS demonstrates cooperation through partnerships with the community to accomplish great things we could not do alone 
- Excellence: WACSS demonstrates excellence by being satisfied with no less than the highest goals we can envision 
- Respect: WACSS demonstrates respect through courtesy and thoughtfulness by honouring the dignity of ourselves and all others 

Pierre Welbedagt

West Abbotsford Community School Society

33771 George Ferguson Way, PO Box 8000-421
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V2S 2M5, Canada
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