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To help combat Anti-Semitism, bullying, hate crimes and anti-social behavior, School News Nationwide (SNN) and the Harriet & Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives (KHRCA at Queens College developed a project designed to deliver the message of Holocaust Survivors and their US G I Liberators to students in a compelling and effective format. We created a pool of recognized athletic NBA players, NHL players, Baseball Players, NFL players, Hip Hop entertainers, known to the high school population and a team of Holocaust survivors proficient in interacting with this high school student population. Each athlete is paired with a Holocaust survivor and get the opportunity to hear firsthand their powerful and emotional story. The team of athlete and survivor come together to share their experiences with the students. By having these well-known sports figures involved, it creates excitement and more interest for the students. Youth look up to athletics, hip-hop stars and people of influence as role models. Some youth emulate them, and many are empowered by them. This is also an incredibly time because with each passing day we are losing Holocaust Survivors. The training program is designed to accomplish the following: Understand the diverse educational opportunities; youth is geared in understanding the challenges of adolescence and adulthood; participants are encourage in becoming more tolerably of others, socially, emotionally, resiliently, physically and cognitively. The youth working with these athletes, Holocaust survivors capture the thoughts and reflections of the Survivors as an archive to be passed on to future generations is of invaluable importance.


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