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RowLA exposes financially challenged youngsters in the city of Los Angeles to the sport of rowing, a sport traditionally reserved for those of financial means. Through the RowLA Erg Education program, middle school students are taught about the sport in their regular physical education curriculum. They can then attend free summer Learn To Row camps, join a Recreational Rowing team or train to join a competitive rowing team. The competitive rowers have academic support and a college counselor who works with them to help with the college admissions process. RowLA enables young women to become competitive student-athletes, able to be recruited to college and financially supported to attend.
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  • 629 Alta Avenue
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • 90402, USA
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Caps for Sale for RowLA
Caps for Sale for RowLA
Join us while we race at this weekend's Long Beach Invitational Regatta. Buy a RowLA cap to support our team! We will be at Marine Stadiu...
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    I am sending this amount honoring Megan Johnson's family on New Year's Day.
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    Keep up the good work!!
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    Dedication In Honor of: Meghan Johnson
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    Dedication In Honor of: Catherine Van Nevel
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    so proud of you, Liz, & your crew !
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    Hi, see instructions below to submit for a $2,000 matching gift from The Capital Group. INSTRUCTIONS FOR Rowla Rowla, we are pleased to inform you that Mark Brubaker has requested a match of 2,000.00 USD to your nonprofit organization through the Capital Group Matching Gift Program. Gift Date(s): 08/10/2016 - 08/10/2016 Donation Amount: 2,000.00 USD Gift ID: 83290337 Request Type: Special Matching Gift Request 1. Go to 2. If you have registered online before, log in with your mail address and password. Otherwise, first time users will need to click the 'Register Now' button to register your nonprofit organization and to create a password. Once logged in, YOU MUST: 3. Click the icon for SPECIAL MATCHING GIFT 4. Enter your contact information and click the 'Save and Proceed' button 3. Enter your organization’s information. If your organization’s address had changed, click on the 'Need Support' link at the bottom of the page to notify our support team. 5. To confirm a gift, click on the 'Gift ID Number' located in the gift ID column 6. Enter the required gift information and click the 'Submit' button If you would like to contact someone in the Corporate Charitable Giving department, please email us at or call 213-486-1227 (ext.91227) .
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    Dedication : Peg Moline
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    Dedication : Erin Berman
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    Dedication : Nick and Mary Harding
    Go RowLA!
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    Dedication : RowLA GALA
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    Wish we could be at the Gala.
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    Dedication : Liz Greenberger
    Such an amazing program!
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    You have a great program. My wife, Nancy, and I are only too happy to contribute to such a worthy cause. Please let your head coach, nick harding, and Liz, your program director, to keep up the good work.
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