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A Message From Hannia Acosta Alegria

Hi, my name is Hannia Acosta Alegria, I'm 13 years old. I have profound bilateral hearing loss due to a sickness called meningitis that I got when I was just 6 months old. Thankfully God gave me the strength to live! I've been attending No Limits for 8 years. Here, my friendly and amazing therapists teach me to listen, speak, be confident, speak in public but mainly to never give up and pursue my dreams. In addition, my mom receives important information in order to advocate for me, her beloved daughter! I need your help to raise $500.00 to support me at No Limits, with your valuable and generous support, I'll make my dream of becoming an artist, just like Frida Kahlo, come true! I can do it! Thanks so much and God bless you.
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In Support of No Limits for deaf children and families
No Limits works with underserved deaf children and their families, teaching them the skills to succeed in school and in life through our after-school educational centers and distinguished theater arts program. We provide the highest quality of services at no cost to families, because every deaf child deserves to reach their full potential, regardless of economic status. 

We cultivate a community that actively involves parents in the education process, and instills in every deaf child the spirit of our motto: "I CAN DO IT!"

No Limits is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization Federal Tax ID: 95-4603048