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Hello friends! Team up with me to to help get clean and potable drinking water to those who need it most in the World today. Together we can make a difference for others in Just One Shift, so come to my donation night at Vanguard in Kip's Bay at 530 2nd Avenue, and all of my tips and gratuities at the end of the night will be donated to this wonderful project. Thank you for your help!

Just One Shift

About This Campaign

Doc Hendley, WTW founder, started Wine To Water in 2004 from behind a bar. His goal, provide as many people with clean water as possible, one wine glass at a time.

Just One Shift was created as an annual celebration of World Water Day (March 22nd) to unite bartenders worldwide in an effort to end the world water crisis. From March 16th-22nd, participating bartenders will be donating their tips from just one shift to Wine To Water, who will in turn use 100% of the donations to bring clean water to those in need around the world.

Since 2013, Just One Shift’s inaugural year, over 500 bartenders from 34 countries have participated, raising more than $100,000.

Celebrate World Water Day this year by partnering with the Wine To Water community. Together we can end the global water crisis!

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