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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to look at this page! :) If you could help me sponsor a camper to come to UniCamp, I would be so grateful. This is such an amazing experience for the young students and any donation, no matter how big or how small, would help me so much! Thanks again!

14th Annual UCLA UniCamp Camp-A-Thon!

About This Campaign

In the midst of our UCLA UniCamp Student Volunteer's nearly 100 hours of training, they somehow manage to find time to fundraise at least $500 each with fellow UCLA UniCamp Student Volunteers. Please join us in sponsoring these students. All proceeds from this event go towards sending under-served youth to camp this summer. The student’s goal this year is to raise $290,000. This will help UCLA UniCamp give over 1,300 campers a summer camping experience. Join us in this great cause. UCLA UniCamp is a tradition at UCLA that is entering its 80th summer of camp. Every year there are hundreds of underserved children that may not be dreaming of a bright future. Help us provide these kids with the tools to change their stars and give them the chance to dream big and succeed. Thank you in advance for your interest and your generosity!
  1. Therese Angela Aguilar
    Therese Angela Aguilar gave a $25 donation to support Karina Yamasaki to support Health, Nutrition, and Fitness
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    • Karina Yamasaki
      Karina Yamasaki

      You're the best😭😍 Thanks again friend!!🙌🏻💙

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