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This cause means so much to myself and my kids. My husband is one of the 22 a day. My husband Spc. Mike Willfond lost his battle with PTSD and TBI on June 21, 2011.


About This Campaign

Find a local run (or any run or marathon for that matter) that you want to run in. Do it for Stop Soldier Suicide and get sponsors to back you. Start your Run For Life campaign here to get started. You can even just run on your own or challenge friends or run in honor of a Veteran you have lost to suicide. Money you raise from sponsors means we keep saving lives and growing our Contact Center capabilities. We'll even send you a Run for Life tshirt to wear on race day.
  1. Stop Soldier Suicide
    Stop Soldier Suicide

    Very sorry to hear you lost your husband. RIP and we honor your courage and your willingness to take action to help others.

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