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Hi There,

My name is Ella Marie Chambers. I am three years old and live with my parents, brother and sister in Broken Arrow. I am new to the Little Light House, bug am very excited to start attending classes. I am looking forward to making new friends, learning exciting new things and having a ton of fun.

I know that my tuition is free to the Little Light House, but the actual cost for me to go each year is $32,000.00. I am only able to attend this wonderful school thanks to the generousity of donors like you. Thank you for donating to my school and for helping special needs children like myself get the tools and education we need to further ourselves in life.

Mini-Laps 2019

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Mini-Laps is a fundraising event that is led by the parents of our students. Our children attend the Little Light House and receive much needed therapy services on a tuition-free basis, and Mini-Laps is the time when parents raise money for their child's year at school. At the event, each child takes a lap around the Little Light House track as we celebrate the milestones that they have met at school.

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