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Our four girls have been blessed enough to attend Little Light House since they were babies. It is Abbie and Ellie's last year before they go to Kindergarten and they would love to support their friends in the biggest way yet!

All of your donations go directly to serving children with special needs and providing them TUITION FREE therapy and educational services. Little Light House teaches their friends (and the girls!) about how to love Jesus, love themselves, and love each other. Please consider supporting this amazing school and their best friends!

Mini-Laps 2020

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Mini-Laps is a fundraising event that is led by the parents of our students. Our children attend the Little Light House and receive much needed therapy services on a tuition-free basis, and Mini-Laps is the time when parents raise money for their child's year at school. At the event, each child takes a lap around the Little Light House track as we celebrate the milestones that they have met at school.
  1. Kacie Campbell
    Kacie Campbell gave a $26.37 donation to support Owens Girls
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  2. Brittany Gartner
    Brittany Gartner gave a $5 donation to support Owens Girls
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  3. Amy Adcock
    Amy Adcock gave a $50 donation to support Owens Girls
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  4. Maddie Owens
    Maddie Owens gave a $21.16 donation to support Owens Girls
    Our girls are so blessed to attend LLH and we are all so blessed to know and love these children!
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