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"We have all said: "Never again." Never again will we stand by watching and pretend that we don't know. We do know about the displacement of Syrian children, and the terrible consequences of the ongoing civil war. As children, they bear the burden in very special ways. Give as much as you can for every Syrian child living in a refugee camp today. Stretch beyond what you normally do. Finally: My favorite pie is apple. I like it no matter how matter it comes." --Janice Gross Stein is the Belzberg Professor of Conflict Management in the Department of Political Science and the Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a member of the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario.

Pie a Prof, Educate a Child

About This Campaign

The Syrian civil war has created the largest refugee crisis since Rwanda. After three years, over 136,000 dead including 10,000 children and nine million displaced, the humanitarian crisis is getting worse. Countries in the region: Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Iraq and Egypt have received an unrelenting stream of fleeing Syrians (predominantly women and children) and have provided for them at enormous costs to themselves. Jordan, however, an already resource-poor country, is feeling greater ramifications of the refugee presence. According to the United Nations, children in Jordan suffer from widespread psychological distress, exploitation, violence and lack of education. Simply put, the situation is devastating. We believe it is our moral duty as global citizens to help in anyway we can. So we’ve decided to organize a competitive fundraiser. In order to raise funds, we will be auctioning off well-known public intellectuals at University of Toronto. Donations will made in the name of these professors. The top professor whose name raises the most money will be protected; the remaining will be pied - yes, pied! The fundraiser will run from February 14- March 11 2014 with the grand event on Tuesday, March 11, 1pm at the Great Hall, Hart House. The professors who have bravely stepped up to the challenge are Janice Stein, Clifford Orwin, Nelson Wiseman, Jeffrey Kopstein, Robert Austin and Paul Gooch. To see a personal statement from each professor and to donate please scroll down. We’ve partnered with War Child Canada to protect and educate Syrian child refugees in Jordan. All Canadian donors will receive taxable receipts (If you require a US tax receipt, please contact before making a donation). Donations will be accepted online and in person. To make an in person donation please go to the Political Science department at Sidney Smith (3rd floor rm. 3025). It is our hope that we can raise enough funds to help educate as many Syrian refugee children in Jordan as we can. Media Contacts: Paul Kingston Director, Center for Critical Development Studies, Associate Professor, Political Science and IDS, University of Toronto Scarborough Email: Semra Sevi M.A. Student Department of Political Science University of Toronto Email: Facebook event page link: Note: If you are using explore, please hit enter after you enter the value of your donation.
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