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Hi, I'm Henry and I am raising money for my school- the Little Light House! My mommy has worked here for several years, and this will be my second year in a classroom! The best part of this school is that it is a completely tuition-free place for children with special needs to come and receive educational and therapeutic services. If my friends had to pay to come here it would cost over $30,000!! I am in class with 11 awesome friends who all use different ways to communicate, move, and live! This will be my very first time to fund-raise and I have a HUGE goal of $6,000 to raise!
My friends have special education teachers, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, vision therapists, and MORE all working together to make sure we can all experience everything! We have our own Bible-based curriculum that uses Bible stories to allow my friends and me to learn about God's love for all of us!
I am part of the SKIP program- which is a reverse inclusion program that allows me to make all of these amazing friends and cheer them on every day! This will be my first year to walk at Mini Laps! I get to take a lap and be celebrated for my milestones, but more importantly, so do all of my friends!! Some of us will walk or run, or ride bikes or scooters. Some friends will be in floats they make out of their wheelchairs. It will be the best day ever!
My school is a 501(c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible. Thank you so much for supporting me and all my new friends!

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Mini-Laps is a fundraising event that is led by the parents of our students. Our children attend the Little Light House and receive much needed therapy services on a tuition-free basis, and Mini-Laps is the time when parents raise money for their child's year at school. At the event, each child takes a lap around the Little Light House track as we celebrate the milestones that they have met at school.
  1. David Stimson
    David Stimson gave a $156.72 donation to support Henry Hames to support Blue Class
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  2. Jordan Hames
    Jordan Hames

    Thank you, Kim and Mark, for your generosity!!! We love you!

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