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Volunteer Service Trip: Nepal

About This Campaign

The Saturday morning earthquake, back in April 2015, devastated the country of Nepal. Wine To Water was able to responded quickly to this natural disaster by having a team on the ground within a few days to help provide clean water to tens of thousands of people. With all that has been accomplished, the work is far from over. When you land in Nepal, you will have the rare opportunity to learn about redevelopment, experience water projects first-hand, such as digging wells, constructing rainwater harvesting systems, making bio-sand filters, and performing monitoring and evaluation procedures on some of these projects. This is an experience you will never forget and one that you will truly grow from.

Trip Cost and Fees:

$1,000 per person

Airfare: Purchased on your own

Visa Requirements: $25USD tourist visa upon entry

Dates for Groups and Individual Travelers:

Nepal: June 8-17, 2018: individuals
Nepal: July 20-29, 2018: individuals
Nepal: August 3-12, 2018: individuals
Nepal: September 28-October 7, 2018: individuals
Nepal: November 30-December 9, 2018: ATL + Individuals
  1. Tracy Clark
    Tracy Clark gave a donation to support Amy Lockee to support September 3 - 12, 2016 // NEPAL // WORLD ALIVE + RALEIGH CHAPTER + INDIVIDUALS
    Amy, my first mission trip was to Nepal and it radically changed the trajectory of my life. It was having the opportunity to go and see this beautiful culture and people that changed me. There was nothing I could do that would make an impact. It was humbling and the most profound learning experience of my life. I will be praying for your experience. I am blessed to be able to support you in this. With love, Tracy.
    about 2 years ago · Like
    • Amy Lockee
      Amy Lockee

      Tracy I don't even have the words to express my gratitude. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and I will most definitely pay it forward. I am looking forward to the experience, and cannot wait until September. Know that you have made an impact on my life I have been trying to save the money to go on a trip with Wine to Water since I first heard of them three years ago. Without your help it would be impossible for me to go until I completed school. Thank you so much I will absolutely make the most of the gift you have given me!

      about 2 years ago · Like

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