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Timken Company Build

About This Campaign

Thank you for volunteering for this build! Your efforts will help the Randle Family with their dream of owning a safe, decent, and affordable home. We look forward to having you out on the work site. We promise your volunteer experience will be fun! Get to know the Randle Family. Read their bio below.


For many years, Anastashia Randle has been dreaming of homeownership and a safe place for her family to live. Anastashia was encouraged to apply for the Habitat homeownership program by several friends who had completed the program and spoke positively about their experiences. Based on her financial situation and need for safe, affordable housing, Anastashia was accepted into the program and eagerly looks forward to the day she becomes a homeowner. Currently, Anastashia lives in a Stark Metropolitan and Housing Authority (SMHA) two bedroom apartment in Canton with her children, Ka’mya and Jor’Dion. Of greatest concern to Anastashia is the lack of privacy as there are many other people living in close quarters in the apartment building. Structurally, the apartment has had issues with flooding, mold, and faulty electric. Also of concern is the fact that her son and daughter have to share a bedroom because she was only able to get a two bedroom unit. Ka’mya is nine years old and enjoys art, singing, and writing. Six-year-old Jor’Dion enjoys playing sports, especially wrestling which he is excelling at even at his young age. Anastashia describes both of her children as loving, caring kids and she is excited to provide them with the structure and stability that comes with owning a home.


During the time Anastashia has been involved in Habitat’s homeownership program, she has completed all the required education courses designed to help her succeed as a homeowner as well as put in many hours of sweat equity on the build or rehab projects of other Partner Families. Her experience on other worksites will soon help her as work begins on her own future home in Canton this year. In addition to raising her children and completing the Habitat sweat equity requirements each week, Anastashia works hard to provide for her family by working two jobs. She is currently employed at Whitehouse Behavioral Health and Canton Med where she is a nurse assistant and works with autistic children. Soon, all of Anastashia’s efforts and hard work will pay off as she achieves her dream of becoming a homeowner. When asked what difference owning her own home will make, Anastasia replied “This will make my life complete. It is something I’ve been wanting for my family for the past several years.”

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 2406 25th Street NE
  • Canton, OH 44705
  • USA
  • Time:
  • Jul 16, 2016 08:30 am to
  • Oct 14, 2016 02:30 pm