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My class and I are going on a trip to the Dominican Republic to help filter water for people who do not have it, and who are less fortunate than us. During the week that we are there we will be making ceramic water filters, and we will be working very hard. At the end of the week we will distribute the filters to the families who need them the most. We will also get to meet the families and give lessons about personal hygiene.

I'm very excited to go because I have never been able to experience something like this. Every penny counts, in this case all the money will be contributed to my being able to go on this trip. Not only are you helping me, you are helping everyone that is going to be involved in this project!

Volunteer Service Trip: Dominican Republic

About This Campaign

About This Campaign
When you sign up as a volunteer in the Dominican Republic, you will get to make ceramic filters first-hand in the filter factory. We will teach you what materials go into the filter, show you how to mold them, fire them in the kiln, and then test them for purification. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to get to know families that do not have access to clean water and personally distribute filters to their home. We also follow-up with past filter beneficiaries to hear how these filters have changed their lives. When giving the gift of clean water, life is instantly simplified and prioritized. It's an incredible experience.

Trip Cost and Fees:

$800 per person
Airfare: Purchased on your own
Visa Requirements: $10 Tourist Card in cash upon arrival
*Cost is based on a 8-day trip and includes all food, housing, ground transportation, overseas medical insurance, and project materials. If a trip extends longer than the dates listed a charge of $100/person/day will be charged. A $250 non-refundable deposit for the total trip cost is due upon registration. Balance for all trips is due 60 days prior to departure date. Late payments are subject to a fee. If there are not enough volunteers signed up for any given trip, Wine to Water reserves the right to cancel a trip and will give a full refund.

Dates for Group and Individual Travelers:

DR: June 23-30, 2018: Denver Chapter Families + Caldwell Community College
DR: July 7-14, 2018: Sayre School
DR: July 21-28, 2018: individuals
DR: August 4-11, 2018: Purdue University + individuals
DR: October 20-27, 2018: individuals
DR: November 10-17, 2018: individuals
DR: November 24-December 1, 2018: individuals
DR: December 8-15, 2018: individuals

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