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I am honored and privileged to have worked nearly nine years at RCF Connects alongside passionate staff and board members who are deeply committed to supporting and uplifting the residents of Contra Costa County. Our organization's core value is equity, and we are focused on helping create a future where every member of the community has the resources, training, support and connections they need to fulfil their full potential and thrive. I truly believe in the power of connection to achieve this goal, as together we can amplify each other's strengths, wisdom and creativity so we can all have a better future. I hope you will join me in this work by making a gift - every amount makes a difference! Thank you!

Bridging the Power Gap

About This Campaign

Coming out of our second year living and responding to a global pandemic, the growing wealth gap in our communities has become increasingly evident to us. In these trying times of health and safety insecurity, our community members have not wavered in their resilient demand for the right to thrive. As a community foundation, RCF Connects is building community bridges among various wealth and power sources so that all families can flourish in a healthy, thriving Contra Costa County. 

-       RCF Connects is a community foundation that supports various community-based organizations serving our most marginalized and vulnerable families across Contra Costa County:

o  Healthy Richmond focuses on advancing systemic health and racial equity in West and East County (predominately Richmond, North Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito.)

o  Mobility LABS supports upward mobility from extreme poverty and homelessness for the predominantly Black/African-American and Latinx community members of The Sycamore in Antioch. 

o  Ensuring Opportunity: The Campaign to End Poverty in Contra Costa County aims to ensure a strategic policy framework that acts as a safety net that addresses food security, education, housing, and community safety for all community members across the county (East, West, and Central Costa County.) 

o  SparkPoint Contra Costa provides low-income Bay Area residents with free financial and career coaching/education through various financial literacy programs, ITIN support, managing credit and asset building curriculums while offering multilingual free tax filing services in West County, East County, and throughout the Contra Costa Colleges (El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Hercules, El Sobrante, North Richmond, Lafayette, Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, etc.)

As leaders in philanthropy, RCF Connects is actively shifting hegemonic fundraising norms to model the necessary action steps towards Equitable Philanthropy. RCF Connects is intentionally building all fund development efforts from a racial equity-focused framework. The intent of our Bridging the Power Gap campaign is to identify and connect various power sources in our communities to set the foundation for the connecting bridges of our future. Through creative leadership partnerships and the active reprogramming of our socialized minds, we aim to shift our mental paradigms from a scarcity mindset to a well-healed one that seeks out the true wealth among us. 

Please consider sharing your wealth with a donation to RCF Connects' Bridging the Power Gap campaign, our impact depends on your generosity. 

For further assistance or specific information on a donation, wire transfer, stock donation, or any other bequest, please contact our Development Manager, Melissa Ferrer, at 
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