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Please join the BIG Challenge! Our youth are talented, amazing, brave, outspoken, kind and so much more. And we match them with equally caring, dedicated and talented mentors- like you! The longer we can keep our youth partnered in healthy and safe relationships the better chance they will have at success. Supporting matches costs us about $360.00 per youth per year or just $30.00 per month. We are challenging our Bigs to help us raise money that will be used for match support. Our goal is to raised enough money to support 100 youth or $36,000.

We know you generously give your time but we are asking you to consider a small donation between $30-$360 to help us reach our goal. You could even create your own fundraising page and challenge your friends. We appreciate your support. Thanks for all you do to help us change the lives of our youth for the better, forever.

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  • Address:
  • 7700 Second Ave
  • Detroit, MI 48202
  • USA

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