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This is something so important to me. Not because I have any heartbreaking personal story, but because these men and women sacrifice so much for my daughter (and of course everyone else's kids) to be able to grow up in this great country. These people, willing to give so easily to others, are being neglected and this should stop immediately! Help honor those who serve us.

Delaware 4th of July 22in22 to Stop Soldier Suicide

About This Campaign

We began on July 4, 2015 as a small movement to raise money and awareness to Stop Soldier Suicide. With your help, the 22in22 movement has grown across the country and volunteers are organizing and contributing from around the world. Participants included Army and Marine Generals, movie stars, veterans, family of fallen heroes, and patriots like you. Between the contributions on this website and direct donations, we raised $20,000. Thank you for your support. Together we can change the world. Jacob DiSabatino Delaware, USA

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