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A Message From michelle plath

This fundraiser holds close to my heart. I volunteer for Hope Mission and see the faces and hold the hands. Without places like Hope Mission the homeless would not survive. I have given blankets to sleep, clothes and food on the streets. They DO have faces and names, and hold the same value as us. Most weren't always in this position, and require love and support from the community, something you would wish if you or your loved ones were in this position. Please help support my BBQ fundraiser. $2.70 is enough to provide a meal. Hope Mission is a beautiful resource for the community, an extension of my faith. They keep me grounded, humbled and so grateful for life's blessings.


raised of $100 goal


Hope Mission
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Hope Mission is a not-for-profit Christian social care agency founded in 1929 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Hope begins with a meal.