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KIDStory Philippines: November 9 - 18, 2016

About This Campaign

Impacting children's lives with God's transforming hope by the telling of His Story and the working of His Spirit.

At Kids Around the World that is our driving desire, but we can't do it without our incredible volunteers.  All over the world, children's lives are being changed forever because someone took the time to go with us to offer them hope.  KIDStory is about reaching and discipling children in God’s Word by creating a relational learning environment where children can become attentive eye-witnesses to God’s redemptive story and not simply distant observers.  Our KIDStory training teams do this by equipping children’s leaders to teach God’s Word in a way kids’ learn best. By using play, games, drama and storyboards, children’s minds and hearts can be captured with God’s truth. Because the KIDStory strategy is easy to learn and pass on, children’s ministry efforts around the world are flourishing in truly exciting ways. We are excited to have you join us!

For information about KIDStory, checkout our website.
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