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Just trying to raise awareness for the 22 lives that are lost to suicide each day. We are losing too many soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen each day. We must do something as citizens to help. Feel free to donate words or $$$.

The 22 in 22 National/World Challenge

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  • Jun 26, 2015 12:00 am

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It started in Delaware. Now they are challenging YOU to start your own 22 miles in 22 days state challenge. Sign up as your state and get others to follow suit. Run, walk, skip, hop, rollerblade, skateboard....just do 22 miles in 22 days. You choose when to start. Show pictures of your progress on FB and share on this campaign page. TOGETHER WE CAN HELP BRING AWARENESS TO THE 22+ VETERANS WHO TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES EACH DAY. And we can let them know we are here to help them out of the darkness. Use hashtags on Facebook and instagram: #22in22Challenge and #22adayis22toomany
  1. Wendy Parsons
    Wendy Parsons gave a $22 donation to support Jason Piccolo
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  2. Amanda D Little
    Amanda D Little gave a $50 donation to support Jason Piccolo
    The Little Family supports and salutes you!
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  3. Joanne Iskra-King
    Joanne Iskra-King gave a donation to support Jason Piccolo
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  4. kelly Demeri
    kelly Demeri gave a $50 donation to support Jason Piccolo
    Everything we can do, we should be doing...then do even more. It's has to stop, no one should have to fight that hard for help when they're already fighting to get through everyday. Kids shouldn't be losing parents because they aren't getting the help they earned.
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