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1000 Meals for 1000 Kids

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1000 MEALS FOR 1000 KIDS GTA HOMELESS YOUTH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN GOALS: To increase AWARENESS and to RAISE $40,000 (by November 1st) The funds will be used responsibly to provide: • One Christmas Meal outside of everyday shelter • One Christmas Gift (clothing, school supplies, toiletries, gift cards) • Inspirational Moment (Get Inspired, kids and youth performance) $20 donation will provide a healthy Christmas Meal, $40 donation will provide a healthy Christmas Meal, Christmas Gifts, inspiring moment, kids and youth performance. Every dollar counts, let’s show we care and GIVE as much as we possibly can. 1000 MEALS FOR 1000 KIDS HOMELESS YOUTH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Why donate?  There are at least 10,000 homeless youths in Toronto during any given year  As many as 2,000 homeless youths on a given night  An estimated 40,000 youths are homeless in Canada at any time during the year Did you know?  70% have suffered physical, sexual or emotional abuse  50% come from middle and upper-income homes  Homeless youth are up to 40 times more likely to die young than their peers Homeless youth come from homes where there is abuse and neglect. They may also find themselves on the street because of family breakdown, bullying, struggles with mental health and addiction, conflict with parents, particularly from those from more-traditional cultures, or because of their sexual orientation. Covenant House Statistics

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